Components for Success

Combination Sets

Moving with Algebra Class Kits are available in single part or combination sets. Class Kits include Teacher Resource Manual(s) and Student Activity Books.

Teacher Resource Manuals

Assessment (Reproducible)

  • Pre-Tests and Post-Tests for each Part and for each Unit identify weaknesses and ensure accountability.
  • Student Progress Reports and Class Record Sheets allow teachers to differentiate instruction.
  • Weekly Quizzes are built into the program to aid long-term retention.

Lesson Plans

  • Pacing Calendars save prep time and increase time on task.
  • Manipulative Lessons are lightly scripted to help teachers transition students from the concrete to the abstract stage of learning.
  • Journal Prompts encourage reflection on learning and writing.
  • Games with manipulatives make learning fun. Students are involved and motivated.

Skill Builders (Reproducible)

  • Skill Builders are reteaching pages that provide practice for every objective.

Interactive Resource Printing Pack

  • Interactive Resource Printing Pack CD-ROM contains over 200 pages of reproducible assessment and reteaching materials, Correlations to Objectives, the Supply List, and Pacing Calendars from the Teachers Resource Manual. Teachers are able to print materials directly from the computer.

Student Activity Books

Each consumable Student Activity Book covers essential concepts and skills for the grade level.

  • Activity Pages connect the manipulative-based lesson to pictures and practice on the page to transition students from the concrete to the abstract.
  • 30 Weekly Quizzes are included to aid long-term retention.
  • Record Sheet for Weekly Quizzes identifies reteaching pages for missed questions.
  • Glossary gives students the opportunity to develop vocabulary and create definitions of mathematical terms.
  • Problem-Solving strategies are developed and strengthened.


Students are involved in problem solving every day as they use manipulatives to develop understanding in real-life situations.

  • Exploration and Practice with manipulatives, games, and overhead manipulatives engage students in a cooperative learning environment.

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