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Research-Based ELL Strategies are Incorporated into Lessons

Act It Out

One effective strategy is to have ELL students act out concepts in short skits. When teaching, don’t be afraid to use your body to pantomime actions or concepts to help students visualize an idea. You may also find that students who are less confident speaking in front of their peers suddenly lose their shyness if, for example, they are working with a puppet. Acting out can be a fun and productive way to encourage reluctant speakers to experiment with new words and phrases in English.

Use Sentence Frames

Sentence frames can be an effective way to offer scaffolding for an ELL student as he or she gains comfort in speaking or writing. Provide enough words in the frame so that verb tense or subject/verb agreement is not an issue. This allows the student to focus on the content-related words that are most relevant to the lesson.

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