Complete Assessment System

Pre- and Post-Tests for Part A, Part B, and each of the six units in the curriculum identify learning needs and measure student and class progress.

Three Levels of Assessment

1. CUMULATIVE Pre- and Post- Tests covering the three Units of both Part A and Part B measure student growth over each Part.

2. UNIT Pre- and Post-Tests provide data to differentiate instruction. Test questions are linked to learning objectives, so a teacher can precisely identify the objectives on which the student needs to focus.

3. WEEKLY QUIZZES Assess Progress and Direct Reteaching Needs. Quick, 10-question quizzes provide continuous assessments on all objectives covered in the Lesson Plans. The Weekly Quiz Record Sheet printed on the back inside cover of the student book allows students and teachers to track individual progress. The Record Sheet links missed test questions to Skill Builder reteaching pages and provides teachers with guidance for individualized instruction.

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