Scientifically Based Research and Results

Moving with Math® has been used throughout the United States for over 35 years


Independent studies have confirmed statistically significant achievement gains.

  • In Minneapolis, between a third and a half of the previously non-passing students passed the Minneapolis District’s benchmark test and advanced to the next grade level.
  • In the District of Columbia, a study completed by George Washington University Center for Equity and Excellence in Education (GWU/CEEE) compared results of Pre-Tests used in Moving with Math® and Stanford 9 Tests in the fall to Moving with Math® Post-Tests and Stanford 9 Tests in the spring.

The GWU/CEEE findings show participants had statistically significant achievement gains using both the Moving with Math® tests and the Stanford 9 tests; and also when comparing participants to a control group with similar abilities not enrolled in the program. Basic and Below Basic students showed the greatest gains.

The increase in scores for students enrolled in Moving with Math® was 40 percent greater than the increase in scores for the control group.

Movement from Basic to Proficient

A large district in Maryland used Moving with Math® for after school programs in grades 3 and 5. Their website report card over a 2-year period showed that over 2000 students in Grade 3 and 2000 students in Grade 5 moved from Basic to Proficient


Snapshot of Passing Rates in Other Districts

Comparison of Pre-Test to Post-Test results show passing rates doubling and even tripling.

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