Assessment Technology

Web Based Assessment - Planning Reports

✔ Students take Online Pre-Test. ✔ Teacher receives Instant Reports. ✔ Teacher uses Instant Reports to plan instruction.

Determine Need for Individual Instruction

Student Progress Report Example

Plan for Small Group Instruction

Example Plan for Small Group Instruction

Web Based Assessment - Accountability

✔ Teacher administers Online Post-Test. Results measure growth and provide accountability. ✔ Principal analyzes test results by teacher and grade. ✔ Administrator evaluates test results by school, teacher, and grade. School Principals and District Administrators... Valuable reports measure progress and provide accountability. This Report shows the increase in mean score from Pre-Test to Post-Test by grade level for each school. Reports can be used by the principal and administrator to... Accountability at All Levels.

Accountability at All Levels

Example Planning Report Example District Report

Assessment Technology Brochure

What Educators Say

"The workshops helped teachers reach students who are struggling in math ... Teacher evaluations were positive ... The teachers have reported student improvement."

- Cathleen McStroul, Math Program Consultant 4-7, Rose Bullis, Regional Center for Teaching and Learning, Washoe County School District, Reno, Nevada

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