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Targeted Intervention for Special Education – English Language Learners – After School – 1:1/ Small Group Tutoring

Moving with Math® Math by Topic is a comprehensive Intervention curriculum for the essential math standards and provides added teacher support with research-based strategies in the Teacher Manual. It is a continuous progress curriculum designed to provide Tier 2 & 3 intervention covering essential objectives for grades 1–8+ organized into four levels.

Level A: Grades 1–2, Level B: Grades 3–4, Level C: Grades 5–6, Level D: Grades 7-8+

Teacher Support

Assessment tools aligned to state and national standards provide data to differentiate instruction
for all students. Students use manipulatives in every lesson to develop conceptual understanding and improve achievement. Teachers find the scripted lessons ensure the proven Conceptual–Representational–Abstract (CRA) instruction model is delivered with fidelity. This important feature gives them professional development every day as they guide their students through the manipulative activities and follow up opportunities for reinforcement and formative progress monitoring.

Accessible for All Students

Student activity books are purposefully designed with a lower reading level and added white space to make the curriculum accessible for all students. Engaging lesson plans include Vocabulary and Language Acquisition opportunities to support learning. There are suggested children’s stories tied to lessons to bring math to life and student’s now have their own vocabulary page in their student activity book. There are Journal Prompts and Games that help students Explore, Discover, and Communicate their learning bringing deeper understanding and retention.


  • Built-In Assessment – Online or Paper/Pencil
  • Pre- and Post-Tests
  • Class Record Sheets
  • Student Progress Reports (IEP)
  • Student Record Folders
  • Daily Reviews & Skill Builders Reteaching
  • Pacing Calendar
  • Scripted Lesson Plans
  • Games, Journal Prompts
  • Online Assessment and Teacher e-guides
  • Professional Development
  • Accessible Reading Level

Flexible Usage

  • Comprehensive or Targeted Intervention
  • Special Education
  • Tutoring/Pull-Out/Resource Labs
  • ELL
  • Response to Intervention
  • After School
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