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Intermediate-Middle (IM) / Middle-High (MH)

Moving with Math® Foundations for Algebra (IM/MH) organizes essential objectives for grades 5 through 8 or above. Teachers may choose to cover all topics within a level for a comprehensive intervention or focus on specific math topics for targeted intervention. Students use manipulatives in every lesson to develop conceptual understanding and improve achievement. Assessment and curriculum linked to state standards provide data to differentiate instruction for all students. Intermediate-Middle (IM): Grades 5–6, Middle-High (MH): Grades 7 or above


  • Built-In Assessment
  • Pre- and Post-Tests
  • Class Record Sheets
  • Student Progress Reports (IEP)
  • Daily Reviews & Skill Builders Reteaching
  • Placement Tests
  • Scripted Lesson Plans
  • Games, Journal Prompts
  • Glossaries
  • Web-Based Assessment
  • Professional Development

Flexible Usage

  • Comprehensive or Targeted Intervention
  • Double Dose/Replacement Units
  • Tutoring/Pull-Out/Resource Labs
  • Classroom Resource
  • After School
  • Summer School
  • Response to Intervention
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