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Moving with Math® has two fully balanced manipulative-based math programs for home school families to use with ease and confidence. Both Math by Topic and Connections teach the same objectives in the same way – manipulatives followed by practice. They both have easy-to-use teacher guides with lesson plans, pre- and post-tests, daily reviews, reteaching pages, and games. Pacing Calendars are provided to organize instruction and save planning time.

Instruction with Manipulatives

Research shows that children taught with manipulatives score higher on achievement tests, understand their math better and become better problem solvers! The user friendly Teacher Guides provide step-by-step instructions for using manipulatives in each lesson. Illustrations in the Student Books reinforce the activities. No previous experience with manipulatives is necessary.

Easy Assessment

Easy assessment options are embedded in each program with pre-tests, post-test, and daily reviews. All assessments are matched to objectives so parents know exactly which objectives their child needs to focus on with more instruction and practice.

Problem Solving

Students use manipulatives to solve problems every day! They also learn to solve problems using a systematic five-step plan. Lesson plans use strategies such as act it out, use a model, and draw a picture to help students decide how to solve the problem.

What the Experts Say about Moving with Math®

"This program has several benefits. It introduces concepts with manipulatives, it emphasizes problem-solving activities and thinking skills. Pre-tests help you keep track of objectives and teach necessities rather than wasting time on busy work… The cost is very reasonable. Moving with Math® offers much more flexibility than any other in terms of designing the problem to fit your child's needs."

Cathy Duffy Christian Home Educator's Curriculum Manual

"Math Teachers Press provides balance between teaching with manipulatives and following up with pencil/paper. I highly recommend the user-friendly teacher guides which have saved me planning time and helped me think mathematically."

Gayle Graham How to Home School

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