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  • CPK-Connections for Home Based Education, Kgn


    Connections for Home Based Education, Kindergarten. Includes Student Activity Book, teacher Guide, and essential manipulative kit.

  • MMK-Connections Kgn Student Activity Book


    Connections Kindergarten Student Activity Book.

  • TRMKH-Connections Kgn Teacher Guide


    Connections Kindergarten Teacher Guide.

  • HSKEM-Essential Manipulative Kit, Kgn


    Essential Manipulative Kit, Kindergarten. Includes unifix cubes, number stair, teddy bear counters, pattern blocks, and attribute block desk Kit.

  • HSKOM-Optional Manipulative Kit, Kgn


    Optional Manipulative Kit, Kindergarten. Includes cuisenaire rods, dinosaur counters, farm animal counters balance scale, and toy vehicle counters.

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