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  • EX8GenBSp-Grade 8 Spanish Class Kit


    Extensions Grade 8 Spanish Class Kit includes a carrying box, 1 English Teacher Guide and Spanish Resource Pack and 20 Spanish Student Activity Books.

  • EX8CCSp-Grade 8 Spanish Student Activity Book


    Grade 8 Spanish Student Activity Book

  • EX8TGen-Grade 8 Teacher Guide


    Grade 8 Teacher Guide includes a calendar, lesson plans, reproducible tests, reviews, reteaching pages and family math activities.

  • EX8TCCSp-Grade 8 Spanish Resource Pack


    The Spanish Resource Pack is a necessary supplement to the English Teacher Guide. It contains Spanish translations of the same Pre- and Post-Tests and Skill Builders reteaching pages found in the English Guide.

    Teachers need both the English Teacher Guide and the Spanish Resource Package to test and teach in Spanish.

  • ARM-Grades 6-8+ Manipulative Kit


    200 Unifix® Cubes, 4 Fraction Strips®, 5 Geoboards, 5 XY Geoboards, Base Ten Blocks: 200 ones, 100 tens, 20 hundreds, 2 thousands, 5 Place Value Mats, 5 ten-sided dice, 8 six-sided dice, 5 sets of Algebra Tiles. 1 kit recommended per 10 students.

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