Pacing Calendar

Organized instruction plan for every lesson and test in the program. Reduces planning time and increases time on task, resulting in improved achievement gains.

1-2-3 Lesson Plan

Easy-to-use, consistent, lightly-scripted lesson plans direct instruction. Addresses the needs of auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learners.


Every lesson is introduced with a manipulative activity to develop understanding of essential math concepts.

Three Stages of Learning

Lessons carefully planned to connect manipulative-based instruction to the three stages of learning: concrete, representational, and abstract (CRA).

Problem Solving

Every lesson involves problem solving as students use manipulatives to develop understanding and employ steps and strategies in real-life situations.


Highlighted vocabulary words in lessons, glossaries (in English and Spanish), and games facilitate language acquisition.


Reinforce math concepts. Encourage student interaction and make learning fun.

Skill Builders

Reproducible, reteaching pages matched to objectives provide homework and extra practice to differentiate instruction.

Children’s Stories

Connect math to reading and to the real world. Make math fun and entertaining.

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