Manipulatives Product


Benefits of Using Manipulatives

The primary benefit of Moving with Math® is that students gain a solid understanding of underlying math concepts through hands-on learning activities. These activities provide a firm, memorable foundation for more abstract, symbolic operations. Moving with Math® uses manipulatives to introduce every objective.

The Three Stages of Learning

Manipulatives - Three Stages of Learning

Concrete–Representational–Abstract (CRA)

As students move through the three stages of learning, hands-on activities address the needs of auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learners.

  • The Concrete (Manipulative) stage consists of actual contact with objects. Students look at, touch, and move objects to understand mathematical concepts.
  • In the Representational (Pictorial) stage, students bridge the gap between the concrete and the abstract with strategies such as drawing pictures and talking about math.
  • In the Abstract (Numbers/Signs) stage, real objects and pictures are connected to the abstract numerals and signs of arithmetic and algebra. Students gain understanding of abstract concepts from experiences in the concrete and representational stages.
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