2023 MWA Sampler

Table of Contents Organization of Materials 3 Success in Algebra 4–5 Learning System 6 Learning Objectives 7–8 Assess and Interpret 9–10 Lesson Planning 11–14 Assessment Options and Reteaching 15–17 Sample Lessons 18–33 Proven Results 34 Ordering Information 35 “We remember 10% of what we HEAR, 30% of what we SEE, and 90% of what we DO.” – Jean Piaget This principle of Piaget has been the underlying philosophy used in all Moving with Math ® programs from pre-kindergarten through high school. We are excited to use this research-based instructional model as the foundation for the Moving with Algebra series. Algebra has always been one of the most difficult mathematical concepts to learn. Teachers struggle to help students, especially those who are not yet abstract thinkers, understand the concepts of Algebra. “I know how to teach Algebra, I just don’t know what to do when they don’t get it.” LA Unified Teacher - LA Times 2013 Moving with Algebra features research-based, Concrete-Representational-Abstract (CRA) instruction giving teachers and students unique concrete activities to develop these abstract concepts. The Moving with Math Learning System integrates this innovative curriculum with standards-based assessment and outstanding instructional support to give teachers all the tools to lead successful, effective Algebra classrooms. Complete and Flexible Program to Teach Algebra This three-part series first prepares students in Part A with the fundamental concepts needed for operational success in Algebra. Parts B and C then provide scaffolded instruction using manipulative activities to teach more advanced Algebraic concepts such as Linear Equations for Slope and Point Intercepts in Part B to Solving Quadratic Equations using Completing the Square in Part C. This program brings success in Algebra to ALL students! Concrete Manipulative Representational Picture Abstract WrittenSymbol CRA Instruction Model 2

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