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Page 50 Students Are Logged Off After a Certain Period of Time Q: We logged all the students in to the assessment 30 minutes before the start of the class. When the students went to their computer, they were logged off. Why did this happen? A: Our timeout for students using the assessment is set for 1 hour. Certain web browsers will not honor that long of a timeout and can disconnect a student after just 5 minutes. Please have your IT department extend the timeout settings for the browsers to your preference. Students Are Disconnected from the Assessment While Testing Q: Some students are disconnected from the assessment while trying to advance to the next problem or review a previous problem. Why is this happening? A: Make sure the student(s) are clicking the blue “Next” or “Back” buttons that are within the assessment screen (at the bottom center), and NOT clicking on the Internet browser’s forward and back buttons/arrows (at the top left) because this could cause disconnection from the assessment. Not Enough Time to Finish Testing Q: Some students are not finished with the assessment. Can these students log off without losing their progress up to that point? A: Yes, a student’s progress is saved as soon as they select the “Next” button. So, a student can log off at any time and log back in at a later time or date and the system will return them to where they left off. Skipped Problems on a Test Q: Certain students took the test on paper and teachers are entering their responses online. Some students have skipped problems. What happens when teachers select “Skipped” as their answer choice? A: Since the student did not answer the problem, it’s considered incorrect. Selecting “Skipped” makes the system count that problem as incorrect. Deleting Test Results Q: If a student or class needs to re-take a test because of certain problems during testing, can that be done? A: Yes. An administrator can erase, depending upon the book, either a Pre-, Benchmark, or Post-Test for a student or a class. To erase an entire class, each student has to be individually selected and their test erased.

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