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Page 5 Getting Ready Planning for Your District Getting Ready 1. Decide the number of schools and students who will use the Online Assessment. To purchase the online assessment, you should know how long you want to use it, the number of schools that will use it, and the number of students who will use it. 2. Pick an administrator at each school who will be responsible for the Online Assessment. Each school site will need an administrator who will be responsible for the online assessment. School administrators will have usernames and passwords enabling them to add and edit teachers, move students among classes, and print reports for the school and individual teachers. 3. Decide on a technical support person for each school. The website is very easy to use, so you should expect support time to be minimal. Your technical support person may need to set up the browsers as described on page 6 and can help with any miscellaneous questions. 4. Decide how and when the tests will be administered. Depending on the number of computers and time available, teachers may need to spread testing over two or more days or use other class time for testing. Call your representative or Math Teachers Press at (800) 852-2435 to learn more about planning. Please keep in mind that an ethernet connection to the internet, for each computer, is preferred. If the computer(s) are connected via wireless, there may be a delay between page loading or a complete disconnection from your school’s internet connection. If there is a computer for each student: All students can take the test at the same time. If there is not a computer for each student: The teacher may be able to get two groups of students to take a test on the same day. Typical testing time is 45 to 60 minutes, so two groups of students can take tests during a two-hour class. The teacher may assign tests for the first two days of the program. One half of the students take the test on the first day while the other half of the students complete the first lesson in the standard pacing calendar found in the Teacher Manual. On the second day the roles reverse. Consider other discretionary time when students could take the test. Teachers may print the tests from the website, then have students record their answers on a computer after the printed test is completed. This method dramatically decreases the amount of time each student needs to spend using a computer. Low-achieving students tend to make mistakes in copying their answers, so students should be reminded to look carefully at each question on the screen and to check each answer.

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