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TROUBLESHOOTING Logging In Q: I’m having trouble logging in with my username and password. What should I do? A: Make sure you are correctly typing the information you received from Math Teachers Press. Type it exactly how it appears in the email you received. If the problem persists, please call Math Teachers Press at 1-800-852-2435. Unable to Enter More Schools/Teachers/Students Q: When I attempt to enter more schools, teachers, or students into my district, a message appears informing me that we have reached the maximum number. What should I do? A: Your school district purchased a set number of licenses. Contact Math Teachers Press to buy more licenses. Upload Student Information Q: I received an email stating that the student upload was not successful. What should I do? A: Make sure to download the instructions and follow them explicitly. Check to make sure you have not changed the order of the headers and that you have entered text into all REQUIRED fields (school administrator first and last name, school name, teacher first and last name, class name, book code, student first and last name, grade (making sure the grade is compatible with the book code), and student ID). State Standards Q: Our state standards are not appearing on the class record sheets. What should we do? A: Make sure you are selecting “View/Print Full Version” on the Class Record Sheet web page. A PDF should appear that includes the state standard located above each question number. If you are not able to download a PDF image, make sure you have Adobe or Adobe Reader installed on your computer. If you do not have the software, please contact your school IT department to assist you in downloading it to your desktop. If you are able to download the PDF but the standards are still not appearing, please contact your school administrator to make sure the assessments have been correlated to your state standards. The administrators may call Math Teachers Press to verify. Tests Not Active Q: The tests are still not appearing ACTIVE after teachers assign them. What should we do? A: Have the teachers go to the ASSIGN TESTS button and be sure they have set the dates to include the date of testing. Be sure to check the year. Then check the time to be sure it includes the hour for testing. Be sure to check AM and PM. Page 48

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