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District Reports Page 28 This function can help distinguish among groups of students who started using the curriculum at different times. For example, it may be used to separate scores for the school year versus summer school. Changing a Date Range Pick a range of dates for the Pre- Test. Pre-Tests out- side of this range will be excluded. Pick a range of dates for the most recent test. Tests outside of this range will be excluded. Screen Instructions: • Every report includes a date range filter. This screen allows the administrator to name different date ranges to assist in generating reports. • First, administrators can choose a range for when the students finish taking their Pre-Test. Next, administrators choose a date range for the most recent test taken. Finally, administrators name the date range for future use. In this example, “Winter-Spring 2016” reports will include all data for students who took a Pre-Test and their last test in the first half of 2016. Name the range and click “Save” to return to the report.

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