Extensions Assessment - User_District

Page 24 Manage Schools Use this area to enter new students. Click “Add Student” to add them to the list on the left. This is a list of all of the students in the class. Click “Edit Student” to make changes. Add a Student Screen Instructions: • First, select a school from the “List of Schools” to add students. • Next, select a teacher from the “List of Teachers” to add students to that class (If you added teachers manually, the teacher(s) will need to log in and complete their profile before you can add/assign students to them) . • Then, fill in the student information on the right side of the screen and click the “Add Student” button. The new student will appear in the list on the left. If you enter student information and click “Finished Editing or Deleting Students,” the information you just entered will not be saved. You must select “Add Student” in order for them to appear in the “List of Students” box. • When you are finished adding all of your students at your school, click the “Finished Editing or Deleting Students” button. Next, select a teacher–class to add a student. First, select a school to add a student.

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