Extensions Assessment - User_District

Manage Schools Page 21 Edit/Delete a School First, click “Edit School” next to the correct school. Click “Finished Editing or Deleting Schools” to advance to the “Manage Schools/Teachers/ Students” screen. Screen Instructions: • To edit a school’s information, click the “Edit School” button next to the school’s name. Enter the revised information, then click “Save Edits” at the bottom of the edit box. If you revise school information and click “Finished Editing or Deleting Schools,” the revisions you just entered will not be saved. You must select “Save Edits” in order for revisions to be saved. • To delete a school, click the “Edit School” button next to the school’s name. Next click the “Delete School” button at the top of the edit box. Please read warning in the box below. • To return to the “Manage Schools/Teachers/Students” screen, click the “Finished Editing or Deleting Schools” button. Make changes to the school infor- mation, then click “Save Edits” to save the information. If you delete a school, you will delete all information about that school, including all teacher, class, and student test data. Schools should only be deleted if no teacher, class, and/or student test data has been entered.

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