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Page 17 Administrator Tools Follow these instructions exactly to ensure that the upload process works smoothly. In particular, make certain all information is in text format. Spot check several schools, teachers, and classes to ensure that the data was correctly entered. Ext-2nd upload instructions Upload Student Information Directions 1. Observe the formatting of the sample information. (Columns B, C, D, F, G, I, J, K, L, M, O, and P are required.) • Column A: Your district number is optional. • Columns B and C: You must enter the first and last name of the school administrator. • Columns D and E: The school name must be entered, but the school number is optional. There can only be one school number per school name. • Columns F, G, and H: The teacher’s first and last name must be entered, but the teacher ID number is optional. Each teacher can only have one ID number assigned to him or her. • Column I: Name of the class. Teachers can teach more than one class. • Column J: Each student must be assigned a book code. Extensions book codes are K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8. Grades K–8 are available online. • Column K: Each student must be assigned a book part. Extensions book parts are A, B, or AB. ONLY Grades 3–8 have Part B available. For Grades K–2, enter an A. • Columns L and M: First and Last name of the student. Each student can only be entered once. • Column N: The homeroom number is optional. • Column O: The current grade for the student. • Column P: You must enter an ID number for each student. • Column Q can be used for any purpose the district requires. It is optional. • Column R is used for the student’s email address. It is optional. 2. Erase the information in the provided Excel template called Upload Form-Ext_2nd.xls , keeping only the header row. 3. Export the needed information from your district database software into an Excel-compatible format or enter the data manually into the Excel file. 4. Move your data into the template form. BE SURE TO KEEP THE COLUMN HEADER NAMES AND ORDER EXACTLY AS THEY APPEAR IN THE TEMPLATE. 5. Ensure that all your file information is in TEXT format. Save your file in Excel format (.xls). 6. Upload the new file using the Upload Student Information screen you used to download the template. 7. The system will analyze the file and alert you, via email, of any errors. 8. Once the file is successfully uploaded, you are ready to administer the Pre-Test. Use your administrator screens to distribute usernames and passwords to school administrators and teachers. Upload Instructions After the upload process is complete, all uploaded infor- mation is available immediately. Each column is explained in detail here. Follow step-by- step instructions to ensure that the upload process goes smoothly and all data is transferred. Screen Instructions: • The upload instructions are contained in a Word® file. Below you will find a copy of the text:

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