Extensions Assessment - User_District

Page 14 If a student has already taken a test, make sure to move the student to another class that uses the same test. Otherwise, the student test data will not match, and the student will need to retake the new test. Screen Instructions: • This screen allows an administrator to move students among classes. For example, if a student is having trouble with Teacher A, the administrator may move the student to Teacher B’s class. All unassigned/deleted students and their testing information is stored here. • First, enter the first or last name of the student, then click “Search” to get a list of all students with that name. Next, pick the student from the list of students, paying attention to which tests they have already taken. Finally, administrators pick a destination school, teacher, and class into which the student will move, then click the “Move Student” button. Move Students to New Classes Administrator Tools Second, pick the student you want to move to a new class. First, enter part of the student’s first or last name, then click the “Search” button. Last, pick the destination school, teacher, and class, then click the “Move Student” button. When a teacher deletes a student from a class, their name and corre- sponding testing information is stored here.

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