Evidence Based Research Brochure

Moving with Math ® Evidence-Based Research Results Every Student Succeeds Act - ESSA Meets Tier 2 Criteria www.movingwithmath.com 800.852.2435 Tier 2 Evidence is described as: Well-Designed and Well-Implemented Experimental Study The research was conducted by George Washington University Center for Equity and Excellence in Education analyzing: - Moving with Math Pre to Post-test Results - Standardized tests Results in the SAT 9 Fall and Spring - Site observations to determine the fidelity with which the program was implemented Non Random Control Experiment Students selection was not random, because treatment and control groups were not completely equivalent (see Table 2-6 in research study). The research designed for and employed in the Saturday STARS impact evaluation is a Nonequivalent Comparison Design. It should be noted that randomly assigning students to programs, and thus obtaining truly equal comparison groups, is highly unusual in the field of education. Large and Multiple Site Samples - 11,400 Students - 138 Different Sites Statistically Significant Results on Student Achievement Student gains on the SAT-9 from fall to spring were compared to gains made by similar ability students who did not attend Saturday Stars. Students’ scores improved by a statistically significant measure on both the Moving with Math tests and the Total Math scale of the SAT-9 test.

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