Summer Math Catalog 2022

RTI Solutions forOver 40 Years Why Moving with Math ® ? Educators say it best … RESULTS! Elizabeth Putnam – Assistant Director Department of Alternative Education, St. Paul Public Schools Tell us about your experience with Moving with Math ® Extensions . “The primary reasons we chose Extensions were that it is specifically intended for short term use such as our 18-day summer session, the content is focused, and the curricu- lum includes the use of manipulatives. The mean score of our K–4 students increased by nearly 20%; and of the 58% who failed the pre-test, 42% went on to pass the post-test at the end of summer session. Teachers loved the easy- to-follow format and how engaged students were while using the manipulatives.” What do you like most about the Extensions curriculum? “Teaching fewer concepts to a deeper level and hands-on experiences work well for our students, including those who are significantly below grade level and those with limited language proficiency. This approach is different from the spiraling math curriculum used during the school year, which means it fulfills our goal to use “alternative” curriculum. The materials are well laid-out; teachers respond well to the ease of use and also like the activity books used for reinforcement.” How has Math Teachers Press, Inc. provided additional support and training for the teachers using Moving with Math ® Extensions ? “The exceptional service and support provided by Math Teachers Press makes using this curriculum a gold-standard experience for both teachers and students. Math Teachers Press’s staff goes above and beyond in every aspect of their mission (sales, support, training, and data analysis).” Gr 1 KGN Gr 2 Gr 3 Gr 4 INCREASE IN STUDENTS PASSING Math Teachers Press, Inc.

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